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Protecting Your Rights • Helping You to Regain Peace of Mind and Assisting You to Attempt to Recover Your Investment Losses

For more than 30 years, Florida securities, commodities and precious metals law attorney Russell L. Forkey has focused his legal career on pursuing resolution and financial recoveries for customers who have lost money as a result of broker fraud, misrepresentation, mismanagement or other wrongful acts. He understands the delicate broker/investor relationship and how a broker's misconduct can damage an investor's financial and emotional future.

As a lawyer dedicated to protecting his clients' rights, he provides diligent arbitration, mediation and litigation representation. He can evaluate your situation from every angle to determine what he believes to be the best course of action for you. However, as the client, you control your own case and have to make the hard decisions with his guidance.

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With extensive courtroom, arbitration and mediation experience and an in-depth understanding of securities and commodities law, as well as commercial disputes, our firm provides all of our clients with the personal service they deserve. Handling cases worth $25,000 or more, we represent clients throughout Florida and across the United States, as well as for foreign individuals that invested in U.S. banks or brokerage firms. Contact us to arrange your free initial consultation.