Matters Currently Being Handled By Russell L. Forkey, P.A.

The following summary generally discusses some of the legal actions currently being handled by the law office of Russell L. Forkey, P.A. If you believe that you have lost money as a result of this same activity, call for your initial free consultation.

Please note that in order to assist the readers of this post, we have set forth the relevant respondents or defendants involved in the dispute and a brief description of the products or other material issues involved in each matter.  For a more complete description of the parties and the pending actions following the "Read More" link.

African Trading Partners, LLC., William C. Conway, Jr., Peter Blau, et. al. (Circuit Court, Broward County, Florida) - In their complaint, t he Plaintiffs have sue various parties alleging that the defendants either created or participated in furthering a sophisticated gold scam founded on purchasing unrefined gold in Africa, importing the same into the United States, where the gold would be refined and the profits provided to the investors (the Plaintiffs). Read More.

American Precious Metals, LLC., Harry Tanner, Jr., Andrea Tanner, and Lea Lauren a/k/a Lea Nehme (located in Broward County, Florida) Precious Metals Fraud - leveraged accounts and CFTC action filed against American Precious Metals, LLC. and its principals . Read More.

American Precious Metals, LLC., Harry Tanner, Jr., Andrea Tanner, Sammy Goldman, Rosalind Goldman, Randi Green, and Joseph Mulligan (located in Broward County, Florida).  Precious Metals Action.  A number of other actions have been filed against American Precious Metals et. al.  Read More.

Falcon Energy Group, LLC, Martin Kleinman, Ricky Bell and Rebell Oil of Kentucky were named as defendants in an action filed in the Circuit Court for Broward County, Florida relative to an investment, allegedly made by an investor, in an oil and gas venture in the State of Kentucky.  Read More.

Greenwich Financial Inc., Christina Oranoto, Richard Oranoto, Alan Niskar, Tim Cavender, Amber Jones and Ricky Tolls. Palm Beach County, Florida alleging claims for fraud in the inducement and negligent misrepresentation relating to a leveraged precious metals scam.  Read More.

HD Vest Financial Services, HD Vest Advisory Services and Karl Foust - In a recently filed FINRA arbitration, an elderly retiree has alleged that Karl Foust, in his capacity as an account executive for HD Vest Financial Services and as an advisor consultant for HD Vest Advisory Services, convinced her to partially and then fully liquidate her IRA account at HD Vest Financial Services and to invest the funds into Equity Trust Company, when in reality Mr. Foust placed the customer's assets into a private investment called Wimbledon Health Partners, LLC., a Florida limited partnership.  Read More.

Immigration General Services, LLC., Immigration General Services Capital, LLC., Jenny Coplan, Stephen Coplan and Ana Guzman filed in the Circuit Court of Broward County, Florida.

Recently, the plaintiffs added Ana Vejarano, Juan Cardona, Carlos Botero and Javier Gomez as additional defendants to the case.  The allegations, contained in the complaint filed in Broward, County, Florida generally allege that the defendants were involved in the running of a Ponzi scheme.  Read More.

Lloyds Asset Management, LLC., Lloyds Asset Lending, LLC., Lloyds Commodities, James Burbage, Sean Stropp, Sylvia Williams, Marni Burbage,  Frank Gaudino and others (located in Palm Beach County, Florida.)  Precious metals - leveraged accounts. A number of clients of Lloyds Asset Management, LLC. have filed actions in the Circuit Court of Palm Beach County, Florida against, among others, the above referenced parties.  In each of the above cases, the named plaintiffs have alleged causes of action for fraud in the inducement  and negligent misrepresentation.  For the most part, the same material allegations have been made in each case.  For a discussion of two of these matters, please follow the highlighted links Read More (1), (2).

Meyers Associates, L.P. and Leor Yohanan. FINRA arbitration claim alleging unauthorized trading and/or failure to follow instructions.

Newbridge Securities Corp. and Stephanie Webster. Sale of unsuitable investments including Citi Group, Inc., New Senior Note due November 2009 and Adageo Energy Partners, L.P., 12% Convertible Bonds.  Read More.

Sanford C. Bernstein & Company, Inc. n/k/a Sanford C. Bernstein & Company, LLC., Bernstein Investment Research and Management, a unit of Alliance Bernstein, L.P. and Alliance Capital Management, L.P. This matter relates to the failure of the respondents to fulfill their contractual and/or fiduciary duties to the claimants by properly managing the claimants' accounts and protecting the claimants' assets from unreasonable risk of loss in times of dire economic problems.  Read More.

Sanford C. Bernstein & Company, Inc. n/k/a Sanford C. Bernstein & Company, LLC., Bernstein Investment Research and Management, a unit of Alliance Bernstein, and L.P., Alliance Capital Management, L.P. A second South Florida couple sues for breach of fiduciary duties, breach of contract, mismanagement and negligent supervision.   Read More.

The GMS Group, LLC., Jason Figueroa, Carmine Capone and Paul Mante. Recently, a elderly couple filed a FINRA arbitration claim aginst the respondents alleging fraud and deceit, breach of fiduciary duties, negligence, breach of contract and, as it relates to GMS and Capone, negligent supervision.  Read More.

Wachovia Securities, LLC., n/k/a Wells Fargo Advisors, LLC. and Jeffrey Scott Farmer, (Fraud in the sale of Foundation Franchises, Inc., a private placement). Read More.

Wachovia Securities, LLC n/k/a Wells Fargo Advisors, LLC. Unsuitable immediate annuity sold to an 82 year old retired woman.  Read More.