Harry Tanner, American Precious Metals, LLC. et.al.

Florida Securities, Commodities and Precious Metals Attorney, Russell L. Forkey, Esq.

Circuit Court of Broward County, Florida:

American Precious Metals, LLC., Harry Tanner, Jr., Andrea Tanner, Sammy Goldman, Rosalind Goldman and Randi Green (located in Broward County, Florida) Precious Metals Fraud - leveraged accounts.

An out-of-state investor recently filed a law suit in the Broward County, Florida circuit court for fraud and negligence misrepresentation in the inducement of his business relationship and the activity that took place therein with two South Florida precious metals firms. In his complaint, the plaintiff generally alleged that he was fraudulently or negligently induced through misleading high-pressure sales tactics to enter into a client - broker relationship with these companies. He further alleged that in approximately 5 months time, his account was allegedly traded in an unsuitable, fraudulent and reckless manner, which caused him  damages of approximately $2,000,000. Over 1,5 million dollars of this loss was for administrate fees (commissions) and other charges paid to the Defendants.

The complaint alleges that for the five months that the Plaintiff was with the Defendants, the Plaintiff was charged a total of $1,455,906.61 in administrative fees (commissions) for the purchase of physical metals that the Defendants, American Precious Metals, LLC., Harry Tanner, Andrea Tanner, Sammy Goldman, Rosalind Goldman, and Randi Green never had any intention of purchasing.