Joseph Glenn Commodities, LLC., JGCF, LLC, Scott Newcom and Anthony Pulieri – South Florida Precious Metals Fraud and Registration Violation Litigation Litigation and Arbitration Attorney

CFTC Orders Florida Firms, Joseph Glenn Commodities LLC and JGCF LLC, and Owners Scott Newcom and Anthony Pulieri to Pay over $1 Million in Restitution and Penalties for Fraudulent Off-Exchange Transactions in Precious Metals with Retail Customers The U.S. Commodity...

Hunter Wise Commodities, LLC., Hunter Wise Services, LLC., Hunter Wise Credit, LLC., Hunter Wise Trading, LLC., Lloyds Commodities, C.D. Hopkins, James Burbage, Frank Gaudino, et. al. – Florida Precious Metals Fraud Arbitration and Litigation Attorney

Precious Metals Fraud and Misrepresentation: CFTC Charges Hunter Wise Commodities, Lloyds Commodities, C.D. Hopkins Financial, United States Capital Trust, Newbridge Alliance, Blackstone Metals Group, and their Principals in Multi-Million Dollar Fraudulent Precious...

Oscar Hernandez, Midway Trading Company, LLC and Conquest Investment Group, Inc. – Florida NFA Arbitration and Litigation Attorney

Federal Court Orders Oscar Hernandez and His Companies to Pay $1.4 Million in Penalties and Bars Him from the Commodities Industry for Operating a Commodity Pool Ponzi Scheme In a related criminal proceeding, Hernandez sentenced to 57 months imprisonment and ordered...

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