Intentional Interference With an Advantageous Business Relationship

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There are a number of claims that exist under common law. We have already discussed some of them in other parts of this section of the website such as negligence and breach of contract. The common law claim that will be discussed below is that of intentional interference with an advantageous business relationship. Please keep in mind, as you read this post, that it is generic in nature and is not designed to be complete in all material aspects. It is simply being provided for educational purposes only; thus, it should not be relied upon as legal advice. If you have any questions relative to this post, you should contact qualified legal counsel.

Federal Court Jurisdiction

In order to be able to file a stand-alone intentional interference with an advantageous business relationship action in a federal district court, it is necessary to have complete diversity of citizenship and the amount in controversy must exceed $75,000. For a brief description of federal diversity jurisdiction, please follow the highlighted link.

Intentional Interference With An Advantageous Business Relationship

The essential elements to seek damages for interference with a contract or business relationship can be generally identified as:

  • The existence of a contract or valid business relationship
  • The wrongdoer’s knowledge thereof
  • His or her intentional procurement of its breach
  • The absence of justification
  • Damages resulting therefrom

The damages associated with a finding of liability for intentional interference are those that are directly or otherwise caused by the actions of the defendants.

As should be clear from the above discussion, retaining qualified legal counsel will enhance your chance of success in bringing a claim for intentional interference with an advantageous business relationship. Contact the firm online or by telephone at 561-406-4644 to arrange your confidential consultation with an experienced federal litigation attorney in Boca Raton.

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