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When it comes to investing in securities, commodities or precious metals, knowledge is the friend of the investor. This is true when it comes to choosing: (1) the brokerage firm and account executive with which you will deal, (2) the type of investments that would be suitable for you, and (3) the appropriate investment strategy to help you achieve your short and long term financial objectives.

Because knowledge is power, we have created, as part of our website, a section called “frequently used investment terms and concepts.” The description of the terms and concepts provided is generic in nature and not designed to be complete in all material respects. The information provided is for general educational use and should not be relied upon as legal or investment advice.

We will continue to expand and update this section of our site, with relevant information to assist you in expanding your investment knowledge. If there is a particular term or concept that you would like to see included in this section, please send us an email with your question or comment and we will be glade to add the same to this section.

In looking at our entire site, you will notice that a large percentage is devoted to investor awareness. This is based on the fact that by the time that we are called, the investor has already been damaged. It goes without saying that it is more difficult and expensive to attempt to recover your investment losses versus never having experienced them in the first place. Please take whatever steps that you can to protect yourself and your money. However, if you need help, we are ready to assist you.

As a dedicated securities, commodities and precious metals FINRA, JAMS and AAA arbitration and litigation attorney, Russell L. Forkey understands the serious consequences related to broker misconduct, disputes and other matters. He has dedicated more than 35 years of his career to helping investors pursue and obtain financial recovery for their investment losses.

It is often said that information is power. To that extent, Mr. Forkey provides extensive securities arbitration and litigation information, as well as securities and commodities terms to help empower clients to better understand their investments.

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