Typical Sales Script Used in Precious Metals Scam

Boca Raton, Florida Fraud and Mismanagement Attorney, Russell L. Forkey

In order to understand the extent that fraudsters will go to separate average, hard-working individuals from their money, we present for your consideration the following typical sales script used in a precious metals scam.  Please keep in mind that this is just an outline of a script as it will be embellished by whoever contacts you with comments that are picked up from your responses to questions.  Depending on the caller, anything that you want to hear might be added to close the deal.

Usually, we don't present such a lengthy post, but we thought that it is important for you to see how far fraudsters are willing to go in their solicitations of the typical investor.  This post is worth the time in reading it in its entirety.

The Initial Opening to the Script:

Hello, _____, (hey) it's ____, Senior Account Executive with _______,  Glad I got you!  The reason for the call is sometime back you responded to one of our programs for information about the precious metals market.  (Whether you did or not)  I wanted to touch base with you and personally introduce myself, more importantly get some fresh, free information out to you first thing in the morning!  Now ____, have you ever invested in the precious metals market before?

I'm sure that you realize that the secret to making money on any investment is proper timing (Right Place, Right Time), do you follow?  Absolutely, that's especially true in the metals market.  So DO THIS -- grab a pen and paper, jot down my name and company contact info.  I'm also going to give you some facts and figures to correlate with the package being sent to you.  Let me know when you have that.

Alternative Opening Pitch:

Where did I catch you -- at home or at work?  What do you do for work?  How long have you been doing that?  I bet you've seen a lot of changes, right?  Absolutely.  Now here is my contact information.

Back to the Script:

Now ____, if I could show you an opportunity in the physical silver market, an opportunity that YOU JUST COULD NOT SAY NO TO, are you in a financial position to take advantage of my firm's initial recommendation of $50,000, if you wanted to do so?

Alternative Methods to Qualify The Money:

  • Where is that money working for you?
  • Stocks, Mutual Funds, etc.
  • Is that money liquid to you right now?
  • Where else could you pull funds from to invest?
  • Percentage wise, what does this initial investment represent of your total liquid capital?

Overcoming Objections:

  • No: --- No big deal -- understand, it takes money to make money, right? If you knew in your heart that $50,000 could quite literally break $100,000 in the next three months, I'd have to believe that you could invest $50,000, am I right? I'm just asking.
  • No -- No problem. If you saw something that you absolutely loved and you though that you would be successful, what is the maximum that you could put behind a great idea? Great.

The Reasons to Invest:

1.  The U.S. dollar is poised for a new all time low!  Now with almost 3 trillion new U.S. dollars being printed, it is dramatically devaluing the existing dollars in circulation.  History proves that when the U.S. dollar weakens, silver does what? (Higher!) Absolutely!

2.  Supply and Demand Imbalance.  With industrial and investment demand at one of the highest levels in history were in the midst of a global slowdown -- a high lack of supply is shown coming out of the ground!  Lack of Supply + Higher Demand = What??  (Higher Prices!) Exactly!

3.  Geopolitical tensions.  This is the wild-card!  We have ongoing tensions in the middle-east, threats of nuclear capability by Iran and North Korea, and the possibility of terrorist attacks in you home country!  These tensions have caused investors to look for safe havens to invest in and for thousands of years the safe haven has been precious metals.  What do you think will happen to the price if these tensions escalate?  (Skyrocket!) Absolutely!

Overcoming Objections:

  • Are you following me on all this?
  • Does this make sense to you? Excellent

Back to the Script:

Now all of this is factored into the current price.  It's the continuum and the magnitude of the situation that we are looking to take advantage of.

Now I've explained why we are entering into this market, but it's more important that I explain exactly who we are because, as an investor, it's important to know exactly who you are dealing with, right?

The firm I represent is ________.  We specialize in finding fundamental and technical opportunities in the precious metals markets.  In this case we are dealing with bars and bullion.  We are a primary broker/dealer trading with various international traders and suppliers.  Safety and reliability are assured as you assets are insured in one of our secured bullion depositories.  Are you with me? (Great).

My secretary is going to inundate you with research materials, news articles, and some risk disclosure so that you fully understand the market that we are going into.  Do you follow me?  (Fantastic!)

Are you still holding on to that pen? (Great).  You need to jot down a couple quick figures to correlate with the package I am sending to you.  I want you to make a decision based on facts and not emotion.  Does that make sense?  (Great)

One of the great advantages of trading with ____ precious metals program is the ability to utilize leverage.  Are you currently utilizing leverage in the stock market, or do you typically buy and hold on a one-to-one basis?  Follow me closely on this -- this is the meat and potatoes!

$50,000 / 18.00 per ounce (Current Price of Silver) = 2700 oz (Round Down 100's)

2700 x 3 times leverage = 8,100 oz Silver

8,100 oz Silver x 18.00 = $145,800 TMV

That's the beauty of it!  We make our money on what we control, and not what we invest!  Do you follow me?  Great!

$145,800 TMV - $50,000 Down = $95,800

Market moves up to a recent high of $22.l00 per oz

Sell 8,100 oz @ 22.00 per oz = $178.200 Gross Return on Investment (Circle that!)

$178,200 - $95,800 Credit Due - $50,000 - $32,400 Net Return on Investment (Circle that!).

Do you see how I got that number?

  • Does that make sense?
  • Is that the type of money you are looking to make? (Must get a solid Yes before moving forward)
  • Lets say in the next 6 months I show you half of that -- would you fire me as your broker?
  • I've still got to believe that's the type of money you are looking to make -- Am I right? (Great).

Now, working with ___ gives you the flexibility of utilizing all of the latest computerized trading strategies.  We have an office full of 'teaches' that analyze data 24 hours a day.  You want a firm not married to a market -- if we find additional opportunities in other markets we want to remain flexible so you, as our client, can capitalize on those situations.

Now, the commission is only __% (amount varies substantially with firms).  Based on the leverage we can overcome that with a fractional move in the market.  We will provide all the research for you.  We will explain when to buy, when to sell, when to cut losses and, more importantly, when to take profits.  That's what you're looking for in a broker, correct? (No Discussion of Margin Interest to be Charged, How the Price of the Metal is Determined or How Much of a Mark-up will be Charged on the Metal by the Firm when it is Sold to the Client)

Now ______, of course I can't guarantee you profits.  But we do put our reputation and trading experience to work for you.  So ______, because investments like this are not for everyone, can you truly afford an investment of $50,000 without changing you lifestyle?  (Wait for answer; re-qualify if necessary)  Do you have any questions right now about our investment program?

(Push for fax close if client sounds ready)

The Final Push:

  • What address do you want it sent to?
  • Once you receive the package, how long will it take you to made a decision?
  • My firm requires me to provide full disclosure to all considering parties. Will anyone else be involved in the decision making process: (Wait for answer -- cover wife objection HERE!)
  • My firm requires 2 phone numbers to get this package out to you. What is another phone number you can be reached at? (They will hound you to death)
  • When you receive the material, I want your word that you will give it your immediate and undivided attention. Will you do that? (If Yes) That's good enough for me. If No, why not?
  • Now, when I call you to discuss the information, do I have your word -- as a -- man that: There will be no (your name) who?, no "the Loch Ness monster ate my package", no "Bigfoot ran off with my money", no "Lets play phone hide and go seek"? (Wait for answer). So I have your word then as a man ______. Ok. How good is your word?

After you review the program materials and I've answered all of your questions to you satisfaction and you truly understand how the program works, can you see yourself opening an account with my firm so that we can start doing business together?  (Wait for Yes, if no requalify)  So what you are saying is, if everything is on target and outlined like we said I am talking to my next client?  (Fantastic!)

The arrogance of the caller:

NEVER EVER THANK THE CLIENT.  Look for them to be thanking you.  Maybe say "I appreciate your vote of confidence.", or "Congratulations you have just taken the first step to making some real money."

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