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May, 2011

Robin Fran Bush (CRD #1994431, Registered Principal, Coral Springs, Florida, formerly licensed with Newbridge Securities Corporation) submitted a Letter of Acceptance, Waiver and Consent in which she was fined $15,000 and suspended from association with any FINRA member in any principal capacity for six months. The fine must be paid either immediately upon Bush’s reassociation with a FINRA member firm following her suspension, or prior to the filing of any application or request for relief from any statutory disqualification, whichever is earlier. Without admitting or denying the findings, Bush consented to the described sanctions and to the entry of findings that, as her member firm’s CCO, she was responsible for creating, maintaining and updating her firm’s WSPs and for conducting due diligence for private offerings. The findings stated that Bush’s firm approved for sale, and sold, various private offerings and for one offering, Bush’s due diligence consisted of reviewing the PPM and investor subscription documents, but she did not seek or obtain financial documents or information from the issuer regarding the offering, did not obtain any due diligence report, did not visit the issuer’s facilities or meet with its key personnel. The findings also stated that Bush did not take steps to ensure,  or otherwise verify, that other firm principals were conducting any due diligence of the offering’s issuer.  FINRA found that the firm and Bush obtained a third-party due diligence report after firm customers had already invested in the offering. FINRA also found that for a third private offering her firm approved for sale and sold, Bush conducted due diligence after the product had been sold to customers; Bush’s due diligence consisted of obtaining investor subscription documents without obtaining PPMs for the offerings, did not obtain any due diligence report from an independent third party and did not meet with any executives to understand the nature of the offerings. In addition, FINRA determined that Bush’s firm sold additional, different unregistered offering to customers, and Bush, acting in her capacity as CCO and the designed principal for private offerings, failed to conduct due diligence for each of these other offerings. Moreover, FINRA found that the firm’s supervisory system and the firm’s written procedures for private offerings Bush drafted and maintained were deficient; these procedures Bush drafted and maintained did not identify, in any detail, specific due diligence steps to be taken for private offerings or identify specific documents to be obtained for private offerings the firm was contemplating selling. Furthermore, FINRA found that the firm’s written procedures for private offering due diligence were conclusory, non-specific and lacking in the requisite minimum detail regarding steps to be taken and firm personnel responsible for such steps. The suspension will be in effect from September 7, 2011, through March 6, 2012. (FINRA Case #2009016159402).

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