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The below script gives the reader a flavor of what might be said in a typical unsolicited call from a precious metals telemarketer. However, please keep in mind that this is a generic example. Many varaiations of this exist as do materials which have been prepared to assist the telemarkerter in over comming any objection or negitative question that you might have.


Hello _________________, my name is ________________ and I’m a Senior

Account Executive with _____________________________, our license number is TC __________________, my TP license number is _________________

(insert salesperson’s license number). I’m glad I was able to reach you.

The reason for the call is that I’m in the process of sending you a special marketing report on the gold/silver/palladium/cooper/platinum market. Now ________________, have you ever invested in precious metals before?

Do this: grab a pen and paper, jot down my name and you can contact me toll free (888) __________. Let me know when you’re ready. (Give name and phone number).

Right now, my company believes that silver/gold/palladium/cooper/platinum is poised to rise in price over the next 6 months. Now follow me closely on this.

First-you still have that pen, right? (Excellent). Draw a dollar sign, and beside it draw an arrow pointing down. Got it? (Great).

Now, the U.S. dollar has fallen in value over the past few years and, as a result, silver/gold/palladium/cooper/platinum has risen to multi-year highs….and because of their relationship, as the dollar loses value, these metals gain value. Do you follow me? Additionally, top analysts round the globe feel that we are entering a time similar to the seventies when paper assets fell out of favor in place of hard assets. With the twin deficits growing to historic proportions, it’s been anticipated that in the next few years, we will experience a massive slide in the value of the U.S. Dollar. So what do you think is going to happen to the price of metal as the U.S. dollar continues to take its blows? Absolutely! In fact, most of the leading analysts are calling for $__/oz. Silver/gold/palladium/cooper/platinum by years end!

Second, there is a major supply and demand imbalance in silver/gold/palladium/cooper/platinum. With countries like China and India growing at the fastest rate in history, the demand in metals continues to increase, what do you think will happen to the price? Exactly! It is just that simple.

Third, we also look at global mishaps. We have war continuing in the Middle East, we have the threat of nuclear capability from Iran and Korea, and ongoing worries concerning Al-Qaeda’s next strike….All of these factors have created a frenzy of investors seeking a safe haven to invest in, and for thousands of years that safe haven has always been precious metals. _______________, if everyone is afraid of global political tensions and continuing to stockpile precious metals, how do you think this will affect the price? Absolutely! Does that make sense to you/

Now let me show you how our program works…..we use a (3) step approach. Follow me closely.

First, it takes advantage of long-term trends as well as short-term movements in the market. You want a firm that isn’t married to the market. If we find additional opportunities in the other markets we want to remain flexible so you, as our customer, can capitalize on those situations.

Second, it gives you the flexibility of utilizing fundamental and technical analysis.

Last, and most important, the commission is only 15% of the total metal value and paid only once for the lifetime of the account, meaning the metal you purchase can be bought and sold as many times as you choose with no additional commission. You will not be charged a fee until your agreement for services is returned signed and until your first investment is made. Now, we provide all of the research for you. Our job is to guide you through the market.

Now, ____________, of course I can’t guarantee you profits. So, ___________, because investments like these aren’t for everyone, let me ask you again….can you truly afford and risk and investment of $_____________, without changing your lifestyle? (Wait for answer, and re-qualify if necessary for suitability, interest, age, occupation, income, experience, etc…..) That’s great! Do you have any other questions right now about our Precious Metals Program?

Being what the mail is these days, you can assume that it will take two to three days to receive our information. What address do you want it sent to? My firm requires me to provide full disclosure to all considering parties. Will anyone else be involved in the decision making process? (Wait for answer).

After you review the program and materials, and I’ve answered all of your questions to your satisfaction and you truly understand how the program works, can you see yourself getting involved? That’s good enough for me! And don’t forget, write down any questions that you have and get back to me on my toll-free number (888) __________.

Now, I’ve explained the reasons but it’s important that I also explain exactly who we are because it’s important to know exactly whom you are dealing with, right? Besides, I wouldn’t take you aboard as a customer unless you knew the answer to that question. The firm I represent is _____________. We specialize in finding fundamental and technical situations throughout the precious metals markets. We don’t trade options or risky futures contracts. We deal only with tangible, physical assets- in this case, bars, bullion and coins. Do you understand me so far?

Great! My secretary is going to send you research material, news articles and some risk disclosures so you can fully understand the market we’re going into. Do you follow me?

Now, based on this information and potential opportunities that exist within this market- it made sense to you-what dollar amount could you work with?

Please jot down a couple of facts to correlate with the package I’m sending you. I want you to make a decision based on the facts and not emotion; does that make sense to you? Excellent!

One of the greatest advantages of trading in precious metals is the ability to use leverage. Are you currently utilizing leverage in the stock market, or do you typically buy and hold on a one to one basis? Follow me closely on this. THIS IS THE KEY!

We are discussing an investment of $______________- jot that down. Now with metal at $___ an ounce, on a one to one basis, you would only be able to purchase _______ounces.

However, with leverage factor of 2 ½ times, we have the ability to leverage _________ ounces of your metal. So you would be leveraging $________ in bullion. And that’s the beauty of it; we have the potential to make money on what we leverage, not the amount we invest. Do you follow me? Now, every time your metal moves $1 dollar, you make $_______ minus commission and fees. Does this make sense to you? Write that down. Great!

Some quick math….write down$25; below it write $18… what’s the difference? Exactly! It’s simple math.

What is $7 x _____(=# of ounces)? What do we get? Yes! A gross potential profit minus commission and fees. Any questions?

And once again, there are no guarantees, which is why we only recommend risk capital for this purchase. Is that clear? Great!

Pursuant to Florida Statutes, you may cancel the Agreement we have you sign within three (3) business days upon receipt of confirmation. Please understand that no purchases will be made, or any markets invested into, until the required 3 business days have passed.

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