Prime Bank and Other Related Bank Frauds

Prime Bank and Related Bank Fraud Litigation

If you feel you have been defrauded by a prime bank scam, it is important to consult with an experienced attorney. Russell L. Forkey, P.A. in Boca Raton handles a broad range of investment litigation. Russell L. Forkey can help you understand your rights and options in regard to prime bank scams and other types of investment fraud.

Many consumers have been lured by prime bank scams, as fraudulent actors promise to make them part of an exclusive, elite investing program. The word prime is often used to give these schemes an air of legitimacy, but these operations do not, in fact, have any connection to the world’s leading financial institutions. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and other federal and state agencies are continuing to warn investors about these scams.

Warning Signs

A few warning signs of prime bank fraud include:

  • Guarantees of excessive returns — The promised results of the scheme are far in excess of even high-performing legitimate investment vehicles.
  • Excessive secrecy — The people offering the investment opportunity claim they cannot disclose important details because they are confidential.
  • Supposed exclusivity — The investment scheme is pitched as an opportunity only offered to a select group of people.

Such scams happen more frequently than you can imagine. At least once or twice a year, we are contacted about this type of situation. The faster that you act, if you are exposed to this type of fraud, the greater your chance for potential recovery. To learn how we can represent your interests in a prime bank fraud claim, contact us online or by telephone at 561-406-4644.

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